Thursday, June 1, 2017

Review: India 2017

India 2017 India 2017 by New Media Wing

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Read & Revised. The past few edition(s) were better than this one. As they were more exhaustive & comprehensive. It's a very first time I've read this book on Kindle Paperwhite. So definitely, I'm gonna share all those important highlights and notes with my readers.

So what's new in it?

Well you should ask what's less in it?
As more than half of Defence chapter is deleted without any information about advanced and recently developed weapons of mass destruction. Plus, there's very miniscule coverage of Health, Child and Women Welfare schemes which are in abundance in Modi era. 


So whether I should recommend you this book or not?
Yeah! You should but only the ebook which is not only cheaper but will give a big relief to your hands! Which are not yet adepted to hold such large book 800gms or more, for others desk is better option! :-):-)

So where's the link?

Your wish fulfilled. Please visit-

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