Saturday, July 22, 2017

Empowered Living SHOW: Empowering People Globally!

Empowered Living SHOW: Empowering People Globally!

Today's world scenario poses new challenges every day. You just fight one, win another & there's one more right there looking straight into your face & making you feel totally stressed & defeated. The number of vast angles to balance in life to believe you are living a balanced life have seemed to increased & they stress us out even further. The challenges are even more for women entrepreneurs & more so with changing times & increasing competition besides growing responsibilities.

In such a scenario Inspiration Unlimited e-magazine in collaboration with Lisa Meisels, Founder of Femanna, have launched the Empowered Living SHOW to bring real time advice from those living a balanced life along with great career success.

Empowered Living SHOW: Empowering People Globally! by @sumt7

This show invites women entrepreneurs as guests who seemed to have fairly accomplished their journey and made successes for themselves that others wish for but haven't. They share their strategies to tackle the day to day challenges that bog one down totally.

This show is hosted by Lisa Meisels, who is a best-selling author, speaker, dietitian-nutritionist, Founder of Femanna and creator of Recharge Your Business Mojo. Her experience as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Holistic Life Coach, and LEAP Therapist, as well as her online business and broadcasting experience, allow her to offer clients a unique combination of expertise and resources that can help them stand out, get seen and become a client magnet! 

Lisa has spent nearly 30 years as an expert in food and nutrition, training, mentoring and process development. She was the Director of Nutrition Services for a multi-million-dollar company managing multiple teams over 5 states. Over the last few years, she has become skilled in online business, marketing and broadcasting. Lisa's clients get results. 

They say that she is a dedicated business coach who takes the time to bring out the best in each person and help them find solutions so they can move their business forward. At Inspiration Unlimited e-magazine we are happy to partner & produce a show like this for our readers globally to scale the spell of Unlimited Inspiration we could possibly cast via this medium. 

Watch, Share & Learn from this Empowered Living SHOW & we hope you would have an Empowered life. For queries around this SHOW, recommending of guests or feedback to improve comment your thoughts below or send an email to /

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