Thursday, September 22, 2016

Walking alone and Waiting for my turn...

This is Whatsapp status of my best friend Late Vivek Baraskar (aka bunny)

Unfortunately he died on 13 Sep 2016 and just yesterday I come to about it when I called him to apply for Bank PO exam, so I dialed his sister yesterday. I asked her sister Divya, his number is switched off from long, so please give his present number or handover the mobile to him. She said he died. I thought she kidding me. But after talking with her Mom I realized the truth. Even it's hard to believe that your best buddy left you alone to suffer, I visited his Fb profile to confirm it. 

He's one of kindest, honest & most helpful person ever lived on Earth for shortest time frame 9 October 1988 - 13 September 2016. Every role you performed as a friend, brother, son and teacher was incomparable.
If there's someone who knows more about  him and his personal issues then that's me. His unfortunate sad demise is more than a shock to me. He lived such a simple but stressful life, struggling happily. 

I'm the unluckiest guy on Earth who lost you so soon. A good friend like you is more precious than a diamond & more rare than a pearl. I'm thankful to God, maybe for the shortest period, but we're together as best friends. I promise you that someday I'll surely write a book & dedicate it to you. And I'll surely fulfill your promises, those wishes we shared with each other. 

Vivek, I'll meet you soon over there, just walking alone and waiting for my turn...

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