Saturday, January 23, 2016

Letter to Roman Saini & Unacademy...!

Hi there,

I'm glad to be one of the spectator of your glorious journey from AIIMS to LBSNAA and then back to Unacademy. My heartily congratulations and warms wishes for your "not-so-common" goals & aspirantions. But, indeed they're beneficial for whole new generation of Social Entrepreneurs and Educationists.

Through this letter, I'd like to share my insights on your awesome endeavor.
The most important feedback (or a major drawback) I'd like to share is that Unavailability of the transcript(s) of those video lectures. It's too disappointing for us, that you guys not able understand the simple point, that not every Indian has access to affordable high speed internet like Wi-Fi or 3G. So streaming video isn't possible for us.

Even the TEDx & Khan Academy too providing the video transcript of their lectures then why can't you guys.  We need quality written contents and they're 1000 times more important than those videos as they can be accessed, read, comprehend amd shared quite easily and in affordable manner as well.

Secondly, you can also provide (sell) pre-loaded memory cards of those videos lectures as this would be an added advantage to your mission.

PS - If Unacademy's sole purpose is to benefit the aspirants then they need to work on these suggestions, very seriously...!

Thanks for reading please express your opinion as satisfaction or dissatisfaction in "comment box". And, I also owe you, to publish fresh post on your every visit . . .

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