Monday, January 19, 2015

Book Review : Walking with Lions by K. Natwar Singh

So before I tell you about the book and its content, let me acknowledge Kanwar Natwar Singh to my readers, what all information I've gathered about him from the internet and press. I know him as a Diplomat and Minster of EA since past decade, but in mid of reading I came across many unusual stories of this Royal scion of Bharatpur. He's another long-time "Chaaplus" of Nehru-Gandhi family since the time of Nehru Ji.

Kunwar Natwar Singh

He enjoyed their undue privileges and advantage, so gradually promoted to Cabinet Minister even after being defeated in Lok Shaba twice. Though he didn't do anything significant during his tenure as a Diplomate, but on the media he takes credit of Indo-US nuclear deal. He's one who claims to have good relations across the country and across globe as from Pakistan to Iran.

The book is all about his experiences in Indian foreign services, basically he's boasting about his diplomatic adventurism in most of the chapters. The privileges he had during Nehru-Indira Gandhi Era and how he acted from US during the Emergency in India. The last few chapters was his best days with Sonia Gandhi and her alter ego. 

Who should read this...?

One who has time and money to waste!!  If someone aspiring to be a career diplomat then s/he can opt for it after reading few other good books (will provide the list soon). Secondly, if you get this book in the library or from a friend then at least you should see those few colorful pages and anecdotes attached to them. 

Why should someone read this...?

Just to have an idea how much, it is important to have a political connection in Indian Civil or Foreign Services and the privileges attached to it. Secondly, to have the idea of internal chaos in Congress during the death of Sonia and Rajiv Gandhi, respectively. 

What else...?

Nothing as such. Just read this book or at least share my blog to someone from your friend. 

Thanks for reading, please express your opinion, satisfaction or dissatisfaction in "comment box" And I also owe you to, publish a fresh post on every visit . . .

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