Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Life ...

I opine, our life is somewhat quite similar to typical Bollywood movie, composite of hero, heroine and villain. Sometimes, good or bad family members of hero or heroine also add extra emotions! And, yes of course we're the hero our movie i.e. our life and in most of cases, villain too!!
Our life is full of emotions and scenes which we call experiences. Some are good, are bad and rest very bad. But here's the contrast we spent few bucks to watch Movie in Cinema who's story or ending is quite clear but in real life we spend endless money without predicting the end or predicting the unhappy ending. It's villain's duty or karma in movies to bring all sort trouble in hero's life, make his and his family life miserable, snatch his galfrnd or wife from him (sometimes beloved family members and kids too) and let him have two options "Fight or Flight" (Do or Die) and in almost every movie, the hero opts for former course of action and we're quite sure about that and so the villain. So s/he get prepared with some extra safety and arsenal to harm hero again. But at last Hero wins over villain. Hope and hard work wins over tough and gloomy days.
But how we're the villain of our life, huh?
In our life we're not the Hero, we're real villain, as we force ourselves to opt for Flight, to run from our troubles, so called tough time. We are the one who constantly feed our mind with negative thoughts and emotions. We are the one, who's changing the theme our movie and leading to an usual, unhappy ending. A life full of misery for us and people around us.
What I mean?
Dear Friends, we should take our life or it's every sub part as movie or it's scene, which means in our life we should keep hope that at the end the Hero(we) will win, undoubtedly! So, the same was happening (as we've encountered many tough situations) and will surly happen again with us. At last, the bad or tough part of our life will end, sun will rise again and so the flowers will blossom again. The heroine or girlfriend we have chosen for us will be our, at any cost and in no time, because hardly any Hero ever compromised or settled with girls who dance alongside the actress in song. We should not lose hope, we've to defeat the real villain.
We've to fight and we'll fight ...!!

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