Thursday, December 9, 2010

Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Do you have goals? If not, let’s be blunt about this… where the hell are you going? How can you score a touchdown without knowing where the end zone is? How do you arrive somewhere without knowing where the destination is? What… you think this is funny? No, seriously, this is absolutely CRAZY… and sooooo many people do it all the time and wonder why they’re not getting the results they desire! “If you do the things you’ve always done, you’ll get the things you’ve always got!” Seems obvious, right?
So why do so many people expect to get to where they want to go without knowing where it is where they want to go? OK, that sounds like I’m speaking in riddles… but hear my out for a second… Imagine the man who arrives at the train station tentatively asking the ticket attendant, “could I have a ticket please ma’am?” The confused attendant replies, “where would you like to go sir?” The man insists “I don’t know.” The result is going to be no ticket! Life’s the same… it gives us clues in how to approach goal setting and accomplishment.
You have to be committed to surrender to the journey/process. Happiness can ONLY be experienced in the present, so surrender to the fact that success and happiness lies in the process of pursuing worthy goals or ideals, then get busy about the business of creating the results and life of your dreams.
Remember that ‘Action Gets Results’! Get a notepad and pen [Now] and start scribbling furiously all the goals that you desire to achieve in the long term, mid term and short term. State them using positive language, ensure they are measurable, trackable and include a [kick butt challenge yourself] deadline. Make sure you include an action plan toward their accomplishment and commit to the process. This goal setting process has no room for ambiguity or indecision.
To Your Goal Directed Success

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