Thursday, October 4, 2012

An open letter to Arvind Kejriwal & co-performers

Dear Sir,
Before penning any single word, I beg my pardon to release my outburst but in very nonviolent and legitimate way which also encouraged by our constitution.
So here I starts, the day when I first heard about u, saw live on Zee NEWS along wd an unknown old man (Anna Hazare Ji) and a recognizable face of lady, Kiran Bedi. The very next thing I have done is to Google your name n as everyone knows Wikipedia came up wd first response. There I come to know about a Tax officer who quited from job and came outside ocean of corruption. Later formed any NGO and struggling to be known as Corruption fighter.
Than Sir, another encounter also occurred at news channel but this time I recognized u well, even at mass gathering at Ramlila ground. For week you r the news maker, registered your presence from everyone's face to Facebook dominantly, even upto the extent that I applied ur Wikipedia pic on my Fb profile, which is still there in folder of profile pic.
But Sir the day Anna drunk nimbu pani and so the Anti-Corruption movement diluted as predicted by Corruption Party (Oops!! I mean Congress Party) and than u came on media not frequently as Saturday World News Show, just to notify the next core meetings date and venue.
The most disgusting about u n ur moment is the inclusion of every single armchair Philosopher. Which not only brought non-directional end to the movement but also severely weakened it. Now you are forming a party it "maybe" due to your apolitical ambition. But I'm ready to bet I'm last penny that this stupid act will not subsequently help in making The Janlokpal which you & we wants. Even if you win, will you get complete majority, even if you got, how would you stop the uncivilized Congressmen from doing what you have done in sophisticated way to make demand for Lokpal, the rallies and Gheraaos. Even if Janlokpal formed will it be passed by Our Prez (An ex Congressman) Even if passed, how many PIL 'll be waiting in SC for amendments
Believe me your age maybe just half of Anna if he would have been suggesting you "not to form party" do than obey him rather giving another experiment-cum-example of your failure.
It's not mass public opinion to form a political party but your amateurish desire and Drama of your co-performers....!!
An Indian

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