Monday, January 28, 2013

Letter to Siddharth Varadar, The Hindu

Respected Sir,
I want to share the degree of my disappointment grown over period of time by regionally and ideology biased nature of The Hindu. I'm submitting letter to the editor on similar to daily basis, but maybe to due to above mentioned reasons they're not selected by your publication but the very same letter get published in other prominent national dailies of India, mainly in Indian Express and HT. Which shows the extent of your prejudice against Central and North Indians and also towards those expressing views in favor of middle and upper strata of Indian society. Not only now but such irrational, ideologically driven practice of discrimination has been performed by The Hindu since past two centuries which has negative impact on it's expansion and proliferation of Market Capitalization in central and North India ( as per IRS 2012). After reading Letters to the editor column of January 28,2013 you may get the evidence that neither any single letter from Centeral or Northern part of India nor view supporting Ashis Nandy's comment get published. What I and many others earlier tried to uncover the illusion of your unipolar leftist political orientation which is not only bad for our nation but also against ethics of Journalism ...!!
Sumeet Mahendra

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