Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Late Shakuntala Devi - Goddess of Numbers

In past couple of years we came across death of many eminent personalities from varying fields, few were my all time favorites like Steve Jobs, Jagjit Singh, Hugo Chavez etc. And, another such persona with astounding talent but not so popular is Late Shakuntala Devi. First time I heard her name @ age of 12 when I was scanning book hawker's stall on Pune Railway Station. Most of small pocket Puzzle books were wd her name but I haven't purchased any of them because two reasons as her name is so big and outdated which implies as boring content n second, at that time I was much interested in Champak n books on scientific discoveries & inventions. But later on I've been suggested by many to read Devi's book on puzzles while I was preparing for CAT and I obeyed and enjoyed them @ TIME coaching's library. Since school days I'm fond of reading n fearing from Maths but her books proved as major milestone in getting me where I'm today in aptitude questions. Here I'm posting some of her words which also encourages you to solve some Maths questions without any aid
" I have three words for my readers here-
'Believe in Yourself'. You are ought to build the confidence and the ability.
Understand the numbers. You need not be genius with numbers. The interest should help you come off the fear of maths. It's not an ability that you have when you are born. Inculcate the taste towards puzzles and maths, everything will look easy.
The purpose of my life is to make everybody, especially children, enjoy Maths as an affable and joyful

But I'm so sad not by news of her sad demise but by not receiving recognition which she deserves from her own nation prior to death as she was well recognized in World over and has Guineas World Record to her name. But our government not even awarded her Padam Shri while she's worth to get honored with Padama Vibhusan, I wishes and hope that any person in Government will acknowledge her contribution and recognition which India got after Ramanujan and forward her name for this prestigious award at least 'posthumously' ....!!

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