Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The National Shame

The recent accident of INS Sindhuratana is another bolt to Indian Navy, as it was tenth in series. Such incidents not only lower the moral of Naval Officers but also raise the finger for not practicing Standard Operation Procedures and learning lessons from such incidents. On the one hand we are increasing our naval fleet while such incidents halting us to achieve status of Blue Water Navy, which is must for India to strengthen it's position in Indian ocean. The resignation of Admiral DK Joshi is one of most awaited step, as he was focal point of all accidents and controversies of Naval Officers infidelity and vulgar attitude as raised in media earlier.

Once there was a time when our Naval might was matter of envy for our neighbors and shoulder for friends facing privacy.
I hope that such incidents stop which has hampered our nation's reputation and it's citizens trust in it ...!!

Jai Hind

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