Sunday, July 31, 2011

An unusual Sunday

I slept with assumption that I'm recovering but realization was more worst in morning. Saw one of best animated movie at last midnight, based on bestsellers novel " How To Train Your Dragon " as I saw this at every book stall while on our Tour dé Dilli (as gonna publish later) .
I also took over dose of an drug Altrocin for Cough as suggested by my doc cousin which might results in red eyes which were hard to open!!
Today slept till noon but not in mood to talk with anyone especially this day I'm receiving most of phone calls …!!
Anyway by reminding myself about true nature of my materialistic body I gained little bit courage n left bed after lunch at 2pm I'm in bewilderment what to do n lost myself in memories of last fortnight Sunday when I was at ISKCON. Than channeled myself to watch some videos of Living Legends Steve Jobs at Stanford n of APJ Kalam's interview to Warton. Really thing worked wonder and pumped gallons of adrenaline in me. Still remembered those great words "Keep looking, endless for what your heart is "

Then later somehow my bro suggested an eye drops which my uncle brought from any Ved/Hakim. Ya may from those who have exaggerating adds on back wall of houses near evry Indian railway station, exactly those of Gupt illaag,  by appointment in personal, achuk illaag something (nearly everything) like that!!
Anyway that lavender fragrance water worked, but caused breath taking itching n pain!!
I was thinking how much Steve Jobs struggled in his life, somehow gone in deep sleep!!

So I'm Staying hungry n staying foolish forever …

Thanks YouTube

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