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Man who played wd Sitar n Women ...

Pt.Ravi Shankar who well known for playing with Sitars and also equally played with women, their emotions &life. Ya we call such types man "thaerki". Everyone know the fame and females comes from every side to such highly successful persons, but how his morality allowed him to ruin the lives of ladies which are regarded as forms of Goddesses and playing Sitar are considered as another form of worship to Goddess Saraswati n Gaytri, to whom he betrayed by lust ...

Sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar has said that he found hard to say no to free love. "Whatever happened, it was spontaneous. The spontaneity was always there it gave me and others a lot of happiness for some time, but it brought sorrow also," Ravi Shankar said commenting on
his love life in The Times daily on
Tuesday. Asked whether it caused him griefto look back on his love life, the 82-year-old said, "It is a mixed feeling, you know. I am grateful for everything that I got, but I had to pay for it with pain and torture."
Asked about his lady friends, he
said, "Many are dead and gone. A
couple of them I still meet and try
and be friendly with. With some,
of course, things are not good."
Shankar married Annapurna Devi,
the daughter of his guru Ustad
Allauddin Khan, when he was 21,
but they were ill matched and
broke up after a few years.
Annapurna granted him divorce
decades later. They had two
children. The ensuing years were wild. In his autobiography, Raga Mala , he said: "I felt I could be in love with different women in different places. It was like having a girl in every port - and sometimes there was more than one!"
From the late 1940s, however, his
main companion was a dancer,
Kamala Shastri, and from 1967
until 1981 they lived together 'as
man and wife'.
In 1972, he met the 18-year-old
Sukanya Rajan, who played the
tanpura at his concerts.
In 1978, although she, too, was
married, they became lovers. In
1981 Anoushka was born.
Meanwhile, in America, Ravi
Shankar was having an affair with
the New York concert producer
Sue Jones, who gave birth to
Norah (or Geetali, as she was
originally known) in 1979.
For the first two years of her life,
he divided his affections between
them and Kamala until Kamala,
after three decades, finally quit
The next year his divorce from his
wife came through. At first he chose to be with Sue. But in 1986 their relationship ended, although he remained close to Norah. In 1989, after much prevarication, he decided to marry Sukanya, at which point Sue banned him from seeing Norah.
On what really made someone who seems so calm and has brought so much serenity into other people's lives have such a turbulent private life, he said "I am amazed myself."

Views expressed here are personal not defame the departed soul...!!

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