Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On DCT Oops!! DBT (sophisticated, corruptionless word)

Jairam Ramesh M(RD)
Varad Pande OSD @ M(RD)

In response to there opinion @ The Hindu

So Sir(s), here I opine ...

The logics behind ideological debate was ignored by honourable Union Minister and Mr. Pande, that still
most of villages in India lacks bank or having few to serve thousands of customers (Aadhaar beneficiaries) whereas power shortage is an omnipresent issue in India. Now such re-engineering of PDS will create anotherstruggle among people to be BCs and again the mighty will be at front which maybe favourite of local
politicians. Still some more debate and discussion is need by NAC and in Parliament as it's matter of food and survival for many.
Sumeet Mahendra

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