Thursday, February 2, 2017

Review: Smile or Die

Smile or Die Smile or Die by Barbara Ehrenreich
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If you're a lover of self-help books & motivational videos then please through away this book or return to the library or seller at earliest. When some authors are damn sure about their book's failure or don't able to gather the much needed courage to write a book in overcrowded segment of self-help, they just do the opposite. Not only to get cheap publicity but also to earn some money for survival.

Through this book, the author Barbara Ehrenreich shows the positivity didn't work in life but I opine, the whole book belongs to some losers, who have not achieved something great in life & now blaming anything that comes in their way. Though I agree here that the Motivational authors, books, seminars etc. become a multi billion dollar industry but it's quite wrong to say that things didn't work.

In short, according to her, a culture of positive thinking has pervaded American society, influencing everything from health to religion to work. While optimism and willpower are celebrated as helpful and even fundamental to improving our lives, such a belief promotes behavior that blinds us to reality.

Still I dare you read it at least once...!
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